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rose farm lane market

about lisa

I love being creative. My earliest memories include wanting to make whatever I saw on Blue Peter (British children’s TV program) and I specifically recall making a decorative pencil holder out of clothes pegs and a laundry detergent box! From my early teens I have sewn clothes and curtains, knitted scarves and sweaters, refinished and upcycled furniture, made organic skincare products, and hand painted wood signs.

In recent years, I've gifted many people with these unique products to show my gratitude, specifically to the teachers and aids that have taught and supported my youngest daughter Grace who has special needs. Seeing the joy and happiness this has brought has been heartwarming coupled with incredible praise and support, the dream of having my own business began. 

2020 was a challenging year for most people and unfortunately, I was one of many that found themselves laid off. Not knowing what the immediate future held and needing to be available for Grace, I knew this was the time to make that dream become a reality. With the loving support of my family, I've been creating this online space called rose farm lane market. I feel the next chapter of my life is just beginning and I am thoroughly excited to see where this journey ventures. 



rose farm lane namesake

The name rose farm lane is the road on which I lived when I was born and I wanted something meaningful to where my life started. The road is now called Rue de la Pigeonnerie, meaning The Pigeon House. 



about grace and angelman syndrome

Meet Grace! Always happy and smiling, Grace can brighten even the greyest of days! After missing many milestones as a baby, she was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome (AS) when she was three years old. AS is a rare genetic disorder with a range of severe impairments impacting each individually differently. For Grace, she is both intellectually and physically challenged. She is unable to speak but somehow always has so much to say, and through her own methods conveys her wants and needs. She is incredibly social and will always find a way to make you laugh. Although 24/7 care is required, nothing stops her. 

There is no cure currently for AS; however, there is tremendous progress being made. My goal is to eventually contribute a percentage of sales to these causes in the hopes that a cure will one day be available.

To learn more about Angelman Syndrome check out FAST at https://cureangelman.org/ and ASF at https://www.angelman.org/.


about goose, monkey and rosie

Aside from being a mum to three incredible kids, we added to our family this past year with three puppies, goose, monkey and rosie. They are all english sheep dog poodle mixes and have brought tremendous love and laughter into our home. Grace has a fear of dogs, and this experience has allowed her to get more comfortable. They are so gentle and patient with grace making her interactions easy. She finds much humor in trying to bark back at them when they are playing!