bath salts | unscented

bath salts | unscented

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high in magnesium, bath salts allow for relaxation and improved sleep while promoting well-being and overall balance. irritated skin including eczema and psoriasis maybe soothed.  

for maximum effect at least one cup must be used per bath

directions: add one cup to a warm running bath water and relax up to 20 minutes; to soak hands or feet only, add ½ cup to a bucket or bowl of warm water

ingredients: epsom salt, dead sea salt, magnesium flakes

approximately net weight: 16 oz


  • all ingredients are natural 
  • hand crafted in small batches by rose farm lane in usa
  • store in a cool place away from excessive heat
  • use within 6 months of purchase date

caution: product is made as simply as possible and does not contain preservatives; avoid getting water in container as bacteria can grow more rapidly and spoil product quickly. all claims made have not been approved by the us fda