body polish | eucalyptus

body polish | eucalyptus

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made with dead sea salt and organic eucalyptus essential oil, the aroma created in this combination will transport your mind immediately to the spa. with a high mineral content and it's detoxifying elements, dead sea salt is excellent in alleviating toxins from the body. when used as a scrub, the salt aids in the skin's rejuvenation essentially polishing your body

directions: apply a spoonful at a time in a circular motion to skin until all areas have been scrubbed; rinse and dab skin dry to leave a thin layer of oil

ingredients: dead sea salt, organic almond oil, organic eucalyptus essential oil


    • all ingredients are natural and/or certified organic
    • hand crafted in small batches by rose farm lane in usa
    • store in a cool place away from excessive heat
    • use within 6 months of purchase date
    caution: product is made as simply as possible and does not contain preservatives; avoid getting water in container as bacteria can grow more rapidly and spoil product quickly. all claims made have not been approved by the us fda